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Aged care podiatry for pain relief, mobility and healthy feet

Geriatric Podiatry Services

Our experienced podiatrists provide a range of specialist geriatric foot care services for seniors in residential care or home care. These include assessments and care plans, checking skin integrity and pressure points, nail care, managing foot pain and more.

Podiatry services are an important part of holistic health care for older people, particularly for supporting mobility. Their expertise includes providing foot care for people with conditions including diabetes.

Podiatric Concerns

Bunions, hammertoes, ingrown or infected toenails, corns and calluses can cause a great deal of discomfort for older people, as well as limiting their movement leading to other health and wellbeing complications. A qualified podiatrist can help address all of these common foot health conditions to help manage pain and improve quality of life. With training and experience in supporting foot, ankle and lower limb health, our podiatrists are all registered with the Podiatry Board in Australia. They provide their comprehensive service within all aged care settings including nursing homesretirement villas (independent living units) as well as provide visiting in home podiatry services.

Our Podiatrists can provide help and support in areas such as:

  • In-Home Podiatry

  • Podiatry for residential aged care

  • Comprehensive foot assessments and treatment plans

  • Diabetic foot care

  • Treatment and management of ingrown toenails, removal of corns and calluses, foot ulcers and wounds

  • Prescription of specialised footwear and orthotic devices

  • Addressing lower limb circulatory and sensory changes


To locate a Podiatrist please refer to the AHG Podiatry locations below.

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