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With Australia’s aging population, specialist aged care physiotherapy services are becoming more critical. Physiotherapy can involve pain management, physical rehabilitation and exercise therapy, tailored to individual needs, and helps improve a person’s ability to move, function and manage pain. It is used to assess and treat people with a variety of health conditions. With many musculoskeletal conditions related to or exacerbated by aging, aged care physiotherapists are required to help older people maintain and improve their quality of life by reducing pain and increasing mobility and independence.

Advance Health Group (AHG) is a dedicated provider of physiotherapy services to all sectors of aged care. Our qualified and experienced physiotherapists work within nursing homes, retirement villas (independent living units) and also deliver in home care, to assist seniors to manage pain and movement challenges. All our Physiotherapists have a special interest in aging and geriatric care, and are registered with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia.

Our Physiotherapists can help provide support with:



Manual therapy is a “hands on” approach to the body’s joints and soft tissue structures in order to restore normal function.
Our highly qualified clinicians are experienced in delivering various methods of manual therapy tailored to everyone.

With the use of palpation, our therapists are skilled in identifying whether these structures are abnormally tight, in spasm or in some cases hypermobile (too much movement).

Manual therapy can be practiced on all regions of the body.



We can provide you with early support for soft tissue injury or mobilization for stiff and painful joints. An exercise program tailored specifically to your injury will assist with quick recovery.



Physiotherapy treatment is very effective in the later stages of an soft tissue injury or chronic joint problem.

At AHG physiotherapy we are experienced in rehabilitation of long-term sporting injuries (such as ACL reconstructions), post-operative joint replacements, as well as ongoing management of degenerative injuries such as osteoarthritis.

A mix of hands-on treatment as well as an independent exercise program will be tailored to meet your needs until you have returned to your pre-injury ability and promote ongoing self-management.



Our Senior services are one-on- one programs designed to improve senior well-being and independence.


After an assessment our Physios can recommend either an individual treatment program or one of our ‘classes’ that specialise in Senior’s health. These include;

  • Falls prevention

  • Strength and Mobility – cardiac & respiratory

  • Balance and Bones



Spine-related pain is a very common occurrence, and research indicates that most of the population will be afflicted with back pain at some point during their lives.

This can involve the cervical spine (neck); thoracic spine (upper back); the lumbar spine (lower back), or the sacrum /coccyx (pelvis).
For most people, back pain can be managed quickly and easily with physiotherapy treatment.

Whether you have occupational neck pain from spending hours at a desk; or acute pain from a bending or lifting injury; we can help. The physios at Sports Focus are all trained to perform a biomechanical assessment of your spine; and to provide treatment for restoring normal function.



Sports injuries can occur during any sporting activity or gym session. The most common sports injuries include sprains and strains/tears, which can be categorized as being an acute, chronic or an overuse injury.

Physiotherapy management of sports injuries usually involves manual therapy, a tailored exercise rehabilitation program, taping, and sometimes bracing – all with the aim to return to your pre-injury level of function.

Our physiotherapists are skilled in diagnosing and managing all varieties of sports injuries and working with you to help prevent further injury.



We provide general physiotherapy treatments to patients of all ages. Doctor referral is generally not necessary for private self-pay clients and our HICAPs system can provide you on-the-spot private health fund claiming.

Our physiotherapists also collaborate with your GP, other allied health professionals or insurance company when providing physiotherapy services via Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA), Medicare Chronic Disease Management (CDM) program, workers compensation or third-party insurance claims.


Work related activity programs are designed specifically for the injured worker depending on their injury and the duties needed to be performed at work.

Our therapists provide education on injury management and prevention and provide the foundations to return to work through a range of exercise techniques.

Hydrotherapy, home exercise programs and gym programs are used to promote self-management and adherence for the injured worker.

Mobility assessments and reviews

Mobility assessments conducted by a physiotherapist are an essential part of a holistic aged care approach. Both mobility and balance can deteriorate with age and certain health conditions. Our experienced physiotherapists can assess and review aspects of mobility including in patients who are experiencing musculoskeletal, cardiovascular or neurological conditions. Mobility assessments and reviews including measuring aspects of body functions including muscle strength, joint mobility, fitness and balance. As an outcome of a mobility assessment, anexercise program or other interventions can be designed to improve movement and independence.

Pain management

Chronic, long term pain is a critical issue for many older people that can impact on every aspect of their life. Focussed pain management for chronic health conditions in older patients, as well as management of post-operative pain, can help decrease discomfort and distress and improve physical and mental wellbeing, function and mobility. Our AHPRA-registered physiotherapists help diagnose and address chronic pain by developing evidence-based care plans to treat pain resulting from chronic conditions, resulting in better wellbeing and quality of life for clients.

Falls prevention programs

Serious injury or death resulting from falls is a serious threat due to older people, due to a loss of balance, strength and certain conditions. Implementing a robust falls prevention program in your aged care facility is an intervention that can make a profound difference to client outcomes. By developing programmed approaches to falls prevention that include clinical assessment, education, environmental modification and exercise programs, our physiotherapists aim to reduce the likelihood and severity of injuries from falls. 


To make a booking or to locate a Physiotherapist please see the locations below or utilize the chat box at the bottom right of the screen.

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