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Quality, Affordable Healthcare


Advance Health Group (AHG) originated in Sydney, Australia, in 2016, through the collaboration of service providers that share a common goal of improving practice outcomes and the quality healthcare solutions being provided to the broader community. 

AHG benefits its members by:

  • Group consumable and practice requirement concessions,
  • increased representation on decisions that affect our profession's,
  • continual professional development support and
  • employment opportunities.


We help mediate Allied Health services to the following type of care facilities:

  • Sydney based Hospitals,

  • Aged care facilities,

  • Medical centres and

  • Allied health specific facilities.         


Today, our nation faces ever increasing pressures from an aging population. These include financial security, an increasing demand for health services, rise of chronic disease and the challenge of locating a stable and healthy retirement.

As an innovative organization, Advance Health Group aims to meet these challenge by providing acess to compassionate healthcare practitioners that meet the highest standards of care. We are committed to improving health services within urban and rural Australia.

Our management structure is complimented by compassionate and qualified independent health practitioners. We boast a high patient and practitioner satisfaction rate as we are not solely profit based. We value quality care and believe that it is derived from a comprehensive approach to treatment were various practitioners work along side one another to better treatment outcomes.


Our members are provided with continual support and opportunity to encourage improvement in their health delivery. We encourage participation in a number of continual development programs ranging from internal and external training courses. Furthermore, AHG Allied Health members are provided with the opportunity to operate in different healthcare settings that will broaden opportunities and encourage exposure into different fields fields of practice to develop treatment skill sets.




Values and behavior are the cornerstones of AHG. Our goal is to stand out by the virtue of good decisions and actions. We pride our:

  • Safety and implementation of safe practices.

  • Our patient centered focus.

  • Our care for our community.

  • Our driven and passionate staff.

  • Our ethical and professional attitude.

  • Compliance – We comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We uphold the standards of practice by complying with current business policies and procedures.

  • Conduct – We treat our partners, patients and colleagues with respect and courtesy. We do not support any form of discrimination or harassment and we encourage workplace diversity. We exercise diligence and duty of care obligations and avoiding conflicts of interest. We abide by our Core Values.

  • Accountability – We take personal responsibility for all we do that is under our control. We hold ourselves accountable to our colleagues and all those that depend on us.

  • Relationships – We look for and build good working relationships to achieve our common goals and foster good teamwork and growth. This allows us to work collaboratively in a respectful, open and honest manner.

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