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Aged care Cleaning

We will tailor cleaning solution to ensure a layer of protection for the elderly against communal and hospital acquired infection.

Our cleaning services will work closely with staff and management to consider the unique challenges and needs of your facility. We are aware of the 44 outcomes of Aged Care Accreditation Standards and tailor services to meet them.

An AHG site supervisor will preform weekly quality assurance inspections and monthly cleaning audits against the written cleaning schedule for your site, to ensure your requirements and standards are maintained. Furthermore, our emergency and high-risk cleaning response call time is guaranteed to be under 4 hours.

We are well aware that we are providing a service not only to a workplace, but also to a residency.

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Typical Aged

AHG proactive solutions are designed to meet your budget and requirements, so you can rest assured that the facility’s’ cleaning operations are being managed effectively.

The Service Process 

Booking a Meeting
  • Call or email us.

  • Enquiries returned within 24 hours (Mon-Fri).

  • An Aged care cleaning consultation with a local expert is arranged.

Site Survey
  • A dedicated site supervisor provided for you support.

  • Appointment with Director of care and Lead RN of each floor.

  • Tailored clean plan for the facility.

  • Ensure cleaning compliance and environmental regulations will be met.

  • Resources selection to fit and support site requirements.

  • Site visit at a time of facility convenience.

  • Quick, discreet walk through. 

  • Continual quality assurance process to ensure your cleaning services are as per agreed specifications.

  • Proof of service made available online.

  • Under 4 hour emergency/High-risk call.

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